New FAA-Approved Baby Harness Saves Parents From Lugging Car Seats on Planes

This new Child Safety Harness Airplane Travel Clip Strap is literally making the need to travel with car seats on a plane obsolete.

One of the most common reasons parents tell us they appreciate renting baby gear is not having to lug all their gear from home. Especially when traveling long distances by plane, it’s often impractical to bring everything your child needs. But for many families, car seats are the one thing they can’t leave behind. After all, where would their child sit on the plane safely?

Travel and Leisure Magazine just released their review on something that’s sure to revolutionize how parents and kids travel by plane. A new, FAA-approved baby harness has just been introduced — and available for a very reasonable $57 on Amazon. It’s getting rave reviews, and as the article notes, doesn’t compromise safety or comfort.

Take a read on their review and experience using the child harness - you’ll be impressed! And remember — when you land, VacaDUN can be there with brand-name car seats at the airport or destination in Orange County. Talk about convenience!

Michelle RowleyComment