Baby Equipment Rentals: One of These Things is Not Like the Other.....


VacaDUN is all about baby equipment rentals, family fun and good times. Our posts are typically in that vein, but since we’re new to many out there, here’s a more serious one just for today.

Since starting VacaDUN just a bit ago, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of support from communities, friends and new friends who find us by word of mouth and online. We’re grateful, especially since it affirms something we’re 100% committed to: VacaDUN is not a “gig” company, and while we want to grow and thrive like any establishment, our aim is to grow a family — not just a company - and give back to the communities we serve.

Here’s why you should be proud to do business with VacaDUN:

  1. Safety is our primary concern. Our baby equipment only stems from the rated brands, vetted by Consumer Reports and parents. Keeping our team in-house offers the best means for consistency, and consistency leads to safer outcomes.

  2. People think we’re crazy, but we provide NEW mattresses crib rentals. A) Parents have piece of mind and B) each rental directly translates to a charitable contribution. Our baby equipment rentals with VacaDUN helps someone in need.

Thanks for letting us be serious for a minute. We’ll get back to posting about Disneyland Hot Dogs and other fun stuff (like Captain Marvel!) soon — but in the meantime thanks for reading and sharing.

And booking your baby equipment rentals in Orange County with VacaDUN!