Kids Are Very "Fort"unate

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There’s something about a fort that captivates a child’s mind, lightens their heart, and unleashes their imagination.

One of the first and fondest memories of childhood wasn’t visiting Santa (just the opposite, actually) nor my first trip as a toddler to Disneyland. It was a pre-stamped large cloth that probably cost $5, printed with a roof pattern in the middle featuring “windows” and a makeshift door on the sides. Barely fitting over a card table, it was my first fort.

The fort was my space, a comforting area and place where my sister wasn’t allowed without a password or giving up her favorite toy.

Let’s face it - there’s something about a fort that brings joy to every child. There’s just something about a fort that stirs creativity and unleashes the imagination. As a little kid who depends on everybody for everything, it brings the feeling of ownership, security and self-creation.

The fort thing continued throughout the years. Much to my parents’ chagrin, the forts became more intricate. All the way through middle school there were walls made of pillows, or cardboard, or plywood. There were roofs of blankets, or branches, or even raked leaves or snow in the backyard. It was the stuff of imagination, no matter the messes left behind.

Forts create a way for kids to work together and bond too. With constant stimulation from tablets, TVs, smart phones and what not, it’s a respite for every kid for every generation. Building a fort is an important throw back to years past when those distractions didn’t even exist.

Sometimes the baby equipment rental business doesn’t seem all that imaginative to many. But not to us. In fact, the inspiration for this post came updating our inventory this week…..We’re very selective about the baby equipment we rent, including our Lotus Fun Shade that’s meant to work with the fantastic Guava Crib. Our intention of including it in our baby gear inventory was for parents and babies to use at the beach for sun protection. But to our delight the manufacturer also encourages the following use: 

TIP: Many parents also use the Fun Shade as a quick fort for their toddler! A great way to help your little one create their own little world!

How great is that?!

Now back to our fort - err, we mean office.

Ah, to be a kid again……