Save on Family Travel with "Dead Zones"

We’re big baseball fans over here at VacaDUN, and one of the sport’s most iconic old sayings is from Wee Willy Keeler: “Keep your eye on the ball, and hit ‘em where they ain’t.” (Great nickname too, Wee Willy!)

The saying applies to many things but especially family travel! For example, did you know the best time to save money on vacations are during so-called “Dead Zones”?

Dead zones are the best times to book hotels, rental homes, theme park passes and airline travel, usually just after major holidays. Once the holidays are over, prices plummet. Families can save and take advantage of smaller crowds, shorter lines and a lot less hassle.

Just like we encourage everyone to book their kid gear early, it’s never too early to start booking all your travel. If family travel is a must for your sanity but hard on the wallet, consider these 5 Dead Zones of the Year:

  • January: Starting about Jan. 6 or 7 and continuing through the month

  • February: Most of the month excluding Spring Break periods

  • Late August through September: Coincides with children's school schedules which vary by country and region

  • November: First two weeks of the month, before U.S. Thanksgiving travel

  • December: First two weeks of the month