Why professional car seat inspections and help are musts - and usually free


We all want children to travel safely. But for many parents – even veterans! - installing a car seat for children and babies can be a challenge.

Did you know that if you have questions installing a car seat, there are trained Child Passenger Safety technicians that can help? Many local companies, fire and police stations offer free car seat inspections.

It’s A MUST-DO TO Get your car seat inspected. PLENTY OF PLACES IN YOUR AREA CAN HELP.

Whether you need help installing a car seat or simply using one, there’s help around the corner at a car seat inspection station near you. Certified technicians are trained to inspect your car seat (typically) free of charge and demonstrate how to correctly install and use.

For example, in Orange County, California, there are 21 car seat inspection locations in a 25 mile radius alone from Costa Mesa to San Clemente, including several private companies, police stations and the California Highway Patrol. Just a few examples of car seat inspection locations in Orange County are:

For a complete list, visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Board’s website.

Be sure to research your preferred location and call ahead, as usually there are specific professionals who are certified to perform the car seat inspection. Some are by appointment-only.

Working with a car seat technician will be an invaluable learning experience. You’ll have confidence your child’s seat is installed correctly and confidence installing it on your own.

SPEAKING OF SAFETY, research the brand before you buy YOUR CAR SEAT. AND when renting, know exactly what make, model and age the car seat is before YOU book.

It’s a good time to mention that we take child safety as our number one priority at VacaDUN. Every car seat we rent is brand-name and certified by government and regulatory inspectors for safety and crash resilience. For example, we rent the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, rated by numerous experts as the top infant car seat in the United States. We always provide parents with manuals and dates we purchase our gear, and ensure every piece of baby equipment rental features the names, makes and models transparent on our website.

Safe travels with your family!