Top 3 Ways to Shield Your Baby from the Sun

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As the peak of summer approaches, it’s very important to shield your baby from the sun during family outings. Especially at the beach! Luckily there are things you can do – along with baby equipment rentals that are a big assist.

Since we were kids, the definition of parenting has changed a lot. Our Moms and Dads thought nothing of us out all day, at the pool or the ocean. I’d sit at the dinner table, sunburnt after a day outside, getting teased by my parents as a “Mutant Lobster” – a nod to an old joke from the old days of Saturday Night Live with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain. But we digress.

On vacation, parents want to enjoy everything with their kids. They want to relax and enjoy each moment, especially in Southern California where the sun shines most of the time. But hitting the beach with just a blanket, a pail and shovel and a fun attitude isn’t nearly enough anymore.

Not that it’s news, but the cumulative nature of sun damage means babies should be protected from exposure to UV and infrared rays since the day they’re born. But especially on vacation in Southern California.

Here are some tips to keep your baby safe and baby soft:

  1. Use the right kind of sun protection cream - The UVA (skin damaging), UVB (burning rays) and infrared rays not only cause sunburn to the baby but also do long-term damage to their skin. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right kind of sun protection cream or spray that protects your baby from all the sun’s harmful rays. It is also important to check that the sun protection product is dermatologically tested and suitable to use on babies and kids.

  2. For very small babies, other than sunscreen lotions and creams parents should have their babies don hats and caps which can lower the effect of heat waves and skin damage on kids.

  3. Sun tents are a Godsend for parents at the beach. A reputable one, like this Sunba Youth Baby Beach Tent provides 50+ UPF protection, and gives your child his or her own personal space! Ideal for children 3 and younger, the floor of the tent lays flat and comes in a small carrying case, perfect for transporting to the beach. But most importantly, parents don’t have to interrupt their fun constantly applying and reapplying sunscreen.

Babies grow up fast. We all know that all too well. But by applying common sense, best practices, the appropriate sunscreen with the best quality baby equipment during your holiday, they’ll thank you when they’re adults with baby-like skin.

Happy funning and sunning with your family!