Thank You for Your Baby Gear Order!

We’re all set to deliver your gear on the date and time you specified. Just one last step - We need to know what time we can PICK up your order too.

Please use the button below to tell us in two seconds or less. Why do we ask for input twice? Because many traveling families want us to pick up their gear in a different place than where it’s delivered.

Remember: your rental includes the use of the gear from delivery to 12 p.m. the day of pickup. If you select a time past 12 p.m. on the pickup button, it translate to another day’s rental. (Kinda like a hotel.)

We’ll be following up soon with more about your gear, and a password to your curated customer portal.

Questions? Contact us anytime at 714-671-8720. Or email us anytime too.

Thanks for renting your gear with VacaDUN! We’re thrilled you chose us!